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“T.T.SH Inshaat” LTD

A large number of laws passed stimulating the development of free entrepreneurship and valuable activities happened in production and service institutions after Azerbaijan regained its independence. During the reign of our nation-wide leader Haydar Aliyev all necessary facilities were set for efficient activity of businessmen and development of privatization in all spheres. “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd began its activity with creating “T.T.SH Inshaat” cooperative in 1992. Those times the activity of “T.T.SH Inshaat” cooperative limited with the trading of construction materials.
Considerable increase in the economy of Azerbaijan and useful conditions for private ownership let the cooperative develop and “T.T.SH Inshaat” small institution was established on the base of the cooperative in 1997. “T.T.SH Inshaat” small institution successfully entered the construction sector inviting experts and experienced engineers to work with the company.
Our company also could take a worthy place in construction sector as the other companies under the care and attention of nation-wide Haydar Aliyev’s deserved successor, the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev.
“T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd became a loyal company in 2004, in order to create new sponsorship relations, to establish high qualified services, to find out the demands of the period with the purpose of supplying the demands of the clients and to realize its aims.
And now “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd has created its immense material and technical basis skillfully using gained experiences.
“T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd has obtained great experience in constructing private houses, in rehabilitating and reconstructing, in creating road networks, water and gas lines and electric network, drainage and sewerage systems.
At present the company has approximately 60 collaborators including engineers, suppliers, accountants and other technical employees.

Nowadays, in the central office of the company work 60 collaborators
including engineers, suppliers, financiers and other technical workers.