Cooperative of “TTŞ-İnşaat” was founded. The main activity of cooperative was buying and selling of the
construction materials.
On the basis of the cooperative was founded small enterprise of “TTŞ-İnşaat”.
Our company, as many companies, had occupied a worthy place in the construction sector due to the supports
to independent and perspective development for free ownership by honourable Heydar Aliyev, a common
national leader of Azerbaijan people and Ilham Aliyev, a president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
“TTŞ-İnşaat” LLC have been registered by State Registration Institute on Commercial Juridical Persons of
Baku city Taxes Department of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
“TTŞ-İnşaat” LLC is one of leaders in the construction sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Our principles
Professionalism – having a great acknowledgment of its work and working together in good relationship with
the group of excellent specialists; entirely permanent modernization of the company and individual
improvement of the every workman.
Quality – without compromise! observance to high standards in all objects;
Rationality – execution of the complex construction works in time as scheduled and using of the resources in
as optimal as possible.
Truthfulness – respect to himself, partners and clients; to work in conformity with the world business
standards; to approach to its duties with responsibility and conscience;

– The Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– Social Development Fund for IDP
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan
– “Azersu’ OJSC
– European Union
– World Bank
– Islamic Development Bank
– Asian Development Bank
– Saudi Development Bank

Strategic objects have been constructed in inside of the country by the thousands specialist’s force of the
“TTŞ-İnşaat” LLC, which:
– areas for residence of internally displaced persons;
– residence houses;
– schools;
– objects for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
– administrative buildings of finance institute in 24 cities of country;
– Olympic complexes;
– Road networks;
– Water pipeline and gas pipelines;
– Wastewater treatment plants;
– Electric networks;
– Drainage and sewerage systems.
Company also carrying out repairing-rehabilitation and reconstruction works, among them:
– Reconstruction and repairing works of the buildings of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy;
– Repairing of Azerbaijan Technical University;
– Reconstruction of the Azerbaijan State Painters Academy;
– Reconstruction of the administrative buildings;
– Reconstruction of private houses;
– Rehabilitation and construction of residence buildings.
Also have been constructed the Embassy Complexes of the republic of Azerbaijan:
– Tbilisi city, the Republic of Georgia;
– Minsk city, Belarus Republic;
– Astana city, Kazakhstan Republic;
We actively take part in reconstruction of Azerbaijan, the great and beautiful our country!