Members of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) have met in Brussels. Azerbaijan was represented in this meeting by Director of “Azeraeronavigation” Air Traffic Control (AZANS) Farhan Guliyev.
As part of a working visit, Farhan Guliyev also met with Director General of EUROCONTROL Eamonn Brennan. During the meeting key issues in the field of air traffic management and planning of overflights through the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as the role of the country as a strategic partner for Eurocontrol were discussed.
Issues related to the planning of air traffic flows and contingency planning in case of unforeseen circumstances in the region were also discussed.
Eamonn Brennan highly assessed the achievements in field of civil aviation in Azerbaijan and noted that the strategic location and high level of air navigation services provision makes Azerbaijan attractive for the European organization in the field of air traffic flow planning and it increases the number of transit flights between Europe and Asia. Eamonn pointed out that Azerbaijan is a key flight corridor between Europe and Asia.
Following the negotiations, an agreement was signed on the use of the ASEC Center at Heydar Aliyev International Airport for planning, forecasting and interaction in managing of air traffic flows in cases of unforeseen circumstances in the region. The document was signed by AZANS Director Farhan Guliyev and Director of the Network Management Directorate (NMOC EUROCONTROL) Iacopo Prissinotti.
Thus, Azerbaijan has gained high confidence and is recognized as a partner of EUROCONTROL in the planning of transit flights and the Support center in case of crisis.
AZANS is structural subdivision of Azerbaijan Airlines. The main objectives of the company’s operations are to ensure flight safety, as well as service and coordination of air traffic over the territory of the country.
EUROCONTROL is the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, founded in 1960. It has as its primary objective the development of a seamless, pan-European Air Traffic Management system. EUROCONTROL has 41 member states.