Gorkhmaz Pashayev The President of «T.T.SH Inshaat» Ltd
Graduated from Leningrad Paper Cellulose Industries Technology Institute in 1993 and St. Petersburg Economic External Relations, Economics and Law Institute in 2002.He is the founder and the president of the “T.T.SH Inshaat” cooperative since 1992, the “T.T.SH Inshaat Company” c.c. since 1997, and “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd since 2004.

Though very short time passed from regaining our independence, considerable changes of quality occurred in the socio-economic life of the country. Owner conditions based on new and free market relationship appeared in Azerbaijan and the integration of national economy to the international economical system strengthened. The programs projected for economy, especially for developing non-oil sector and for economic growth of regions are important from the long-term perspective point. There is rapid growth in construction sector as well. Reconstructions and building of several houses got wide scope in cities, regions and outskirts of Azerbaijan. “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd having a real portion in construction sector takes leading part in reconstruction of Azerbaijan. We closely participate in construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction of art and cultural centers, health and education objects, parks, necessary buildings in front-line, also play important role in supplying houses for refugees and displaced people, in the construction of new settlements, in creating new gas and water lines and electric networks and roads as well. “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd is proud that it could meet the demands and desires of its main customers, such as Agency of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Regions of the Azerbaijan Republic, Social Development Fund of IDPs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, besides, European Union, World Bank, Islamic bank of Development, Development Fund of Saudi, etc and decisively increases its successes. Being “T.T.SH Inshaat” Ltd our purpose is to gain new achievements using the upcoming innovations in the construction sector.